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New textile collection for furnishing by Sicis

From a mosaic of luxury to a precious and exclusive fabric

Sicis, the Italian leader company in the mosaic of luxury, it introduces its first textile collection to Maison&Object, the international fair of reference for the fashion-house which will take place in Paris from 22th to 26th January 2016.
The collection has as objective “to dress“ stuffed and environments, continuing so the development in the furnishing sector and in the lifestyle started in 2012.
The refinement and preciousness of the mosaic become fabric; the architect Massimiliano Raggi  signed this new line. On velvets, viscous, lurex and other shiny polyesters, on opaque cotton, the one wisely mixed to the others, the most meaningful patterns of the maison,  they come to life: the floral motifs with an oriental taste of a selection of the panels Dolium, the poetic ramages of Zaira. And then, the famous monochrome styles in tonalities of gold, of platinum which veers to silver, of bronze and of bright black, without forgetting the mythical patterns Cosmati, strong point of the brand. All the fabric are realized with Jacquard technique and with the capable hands of Italian artisans. The fabric which are inspired from Dolium artistic pieces and from the decorative elements of Zaira they are realized with the looms of the high fashion guaranteeing finishes at the highest level.
“Usually - the architect Massimiliano Raggi explains - that is either a surface or a complement of furnishing, piece by piece there are games of light, vibrations, reliefs, leakages. We have succeeded in replying these same effects on the fabric. Result: the mastery of the processing of the little mosaic can be found in every single element of the collection. The original patterns of Sicis have personality and three-dimensional form, the details are excited, the sartorial care and the workmanship result sumptuous. And the luxury is perceived to the touch.“
The founder of Sicis, Maurizio Leo Placuzzi underlines how in the last years the company has quickly evolved, in the well of the fashion and the lifestyle.