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Handles, knobs and profiles: all the news in the collection 2022 / by furnipart
Furnipart, a Danish company specializing in the production of handles, knobs and profiles for furniture, presents its new collection 2022 / by furnipart, born once again from the collaboration with numerous internationally renowned designers.


Details that transform a piece of furniture

The collection consists of 18 brand new models of handles, knobs and profiles for furniture made of materials such as aluminum, solid wood and zamak. The proposals of the collection offer furniture manufacturers the opportunity to make their products unique thanks to those details that expertly combine functionality and aesthetics.

The creativity of designers for new proposals

By observing the handles and knobs of the collection, it is possible to identify the distinctive features of each designer who collaborated with them. Kamper Form has a more elaborate, more decorative style, VE2 places the form at the center of the scene, combining discreet details with the rigor of design. kaschkasch has chosen, for this new collection, to work mainly with wood while Steffensen & Würtz have focused on a minimalist design for their projects. Finally, Adam Laws has proposed five new handles for the collection that show how simplicity can also be very beautiful.


Furniture handles in zamak and aluminum

Designed by VE2, the Guild and Elan furniture handles immediately reveal their extreme clean lines combined with a certain softness obtained thanks to the rounded edges that make them pleasant to grip. Guild is made of zamak and is available in brushed anthracite and matt black finishes; Elan is an aluminum handle and has three different finishes: brushed brass, stainless steel and brushed matt black.

The unmistakable style of Kamper Form is expressed in the new Equester and Villa handles, both rich in ornamental details while remaining very modern.

The groove that characterizes the design of the Villa furniture handle plays with the surrounding light and receives brightness from its reflective finishes. Equester is an extremely versatile zamak handle: it can transform its character simply by changing its color, thus adapting to all styles: it is available in polished nickel, antique brass and matt black finishes.


Handles and knobs for wooden furniture

Crossing, Join, Beret, Pulley and Glove are the five wooden handles and knobs in the new 2022 / by furnipart collection. All designed by kaschkasch, these handles highlight the natural grain of the solid wood.

The wood used for these handles and knobs comes from sustainably managed forests, in fact all the wood used is FSC certified.

In the photo, the Guild handle, design VE2