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Handles and knobs by Furnipart: warmth and coziness in the new 2021 collection
Furnipart, a Danish company that has been designing and producing high-quality handles and knobs for kitchens, bathrooms and furniture since 1977, is constantly striving to renew and expand its product range. At Sicam it presented the new 2021 collection created during a very special year such as the pandemic year, and which, for this reason, focuses on the need for intimacy and warmth and those small details that generate value in a home.
The handles of furnipart, born from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, are elements that give the final touch to the kitchen or bathroom, handles with their own personality that contribute to give a special expression to the furniture creating a special atmosphere in a decor.
From the new 2021 collection we point out the handles and knobs Gate, Motion, Hexa and Manor, particularly suitable for kitchen furniture.


Gate handle and knob: an elegant and timeless style

Designed by Australian designer Adam Laws, the Gate handle is characterized by its soft shapes and straight lines that blend perfectly. Inspired by traditional blacksmithing and quality craftsmanship, Gate has an elegant and timeless style that allows it to be included in any classic or designer environment. The knob in the same range can certainly stand alone, but the handle and knob complement each other nicely.
They are available in antique brass, stainless steel and matte black finishes.


Motion, the cast iron handle

The Motion handle, designed by Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz Mogensen, expresses a sense of tactility through the material used, cast iron, and the rings placed in the foot. Source of inspiration is the old kitchen with the cast iron elements of the gas stove and the sturdy iron pots. The design details are to be found in the foot of the handle that becomes the decorative element. The aim of the designers was to create a handle with structure, but still be easy to clean.
Motion is also available as a handle and knob.


Hexa: a handle with a hexagonal shape

The Hexa hexagonal handle, designed by Rikke Frost, is inspired by the work of bees and their hives; the architectural construction of perfectly repetitive shapes is fascinating. The hexagonal shape gives the handle an excellent grip and a simple geometric appearance. The small rounded edges on the hexagonal shape give the handle a refined detail and at the same time a reference to the softness of nature. Handle and knob are available in antique brass, stainless steel and matt black finishes.


Manor: a handle with an industrial look

The Manor handle is particularly suitable for industrial style furniture, but its refinement allows it to fit into any environment. The entire collection, designed by Jakob Kamper, is characterized by its diamond cut which, in addition to ensuring a particularly functional handle, gives it an exclusive profile, further highlighted by the attention to detail on both knobs and handles. This series is available in two finishes: black and antique brass.

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