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Fir Italia design taps: beauty, colour, design, innovation and eco-sustainability

Fir Italia, a company active for over 60 years in the design taps sector, organized the annual meeting with its entire Italian sales network where it illustrated a new outfit, while respecting the usual values. In fact, the new brand image revolves around the payoff “Obsessive Design Engineering”, the company's true DNA, characterized by the perfectionism that has always characterized the creation of its products. Fir Italia's constant commitment is aimed at continuous improvement, looking for innovative solutions so that each tap is comfortable to use and of high aesthetic and functional quality.

The Outfit: a wide and complete range of finishes

The meeting was also an opportunity to illustrate the upgrade of the strategic marketing plan, focused on strengthening the 'The Outfit' project, the program linked to color technology, presented exclusively at ISH in Frankfurt in 2019, and now has become synonymous with the important research and development activity carried out by the company for several years.

The color finishes of the 'The Outfit' program are based on a new and innovative technology, called Advanced Superfinish Process (ASP), the result of a mix of cutting-edge production processes. Each finish or color has its own unique and distinctive recipe.

The ASP technology, developed by Fir Italia together with a strategic partner specialized in the research and development of color effects and finishes, has seen a further evolution that has involved new major investments, technological upgrades and plant extensions. All this has allowed not only an increase in the production capacity of finishing taps, but above all the possibility of developing and proposing new finishes with very particular effects and a unique aesthetic.

"For our brand, color has a significant strategic value - stated the Managing Director Alessandro Piesco - ASP is our way of conceiving finishes for taps, which translates into a high standard of technical performance, a high standard of aesthetic appearance, application of the Kaizen method for continuous improvement, unlimited customization of color finishes ".


New finishes and colors for customizable taps

Thanks to ASP technology, Fir Italia has updated and expanded its color range and its 'The Outfit' program with seven new finishes, presented at the last Milan Design Week.

The four Special Outfits finishes, unique in the field of taps, were born from research and development lasting 12 months with the precious artistic direction of the architects of Studio Lucchesedesign. Ocean Dream, Blazing Sunset, Brown Caramel and Mocha Coffee are iridescent effect finishes that take on different shades of color depending on the reflection of light and the design of the products.

The three Brushed finishes, Urban Brass, Deep Bronze, Industrial Copper, have instead undergone a restyling in a contemporary key, exploring new aesthetic areas.

Logistics reorganized and optimized

In addition to the color sector, important investments in the production field have led Fir Italia to reorganize and optimize the logistics, as well as to strengthen the shipping line. Strategic interventions that made it possible to manage a new general catalog of a total of 18,000 finished items, divided into four sectors: Architecture & Design and Classic Design, Easy Design program, shower and bathroom accessories program and 'Green Total Look' program in stainless steel AISI 316L.


New sales and merchandising tools

During the annual meeting, the new general catalog, the 2022-2023 price list and all the new sales and merchandising tools were officially presented, which represent the result of a new Fir Italia rebranding activity with the aim of strengthening the own market positioning.

Among the company's future projects, a new integrated and multichannel communication plan will also be launched shortly, which will include an innovative communication campaign that will embrace the print, digital, social and in-store areas. At the same time, the restyling of the company website ( will also be planned, as well as the launch of training webinars aimed at the sales force, customers and architects.