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Digital Acceleration: Lectra wins Grand Prix BFM Business 2020

The Grand Prix BFM Business 2020 for Digital Acceleration has been awarded to Lectra, a company that designs and develops cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions combining software, cutting systems, equipment, services and data to facilitate the digitization of companies in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries.
Organised by BFM Business, a well-known French economic information channel, this prestigious competition rewards the most representative projects of digital transformation, highlighting digital acceleration practices and rewarding the will and capacity for innovation.
During the awards ceremony held at the Ritz in Paris, Daniel Harari, Lectra's President and CEO, received the Grand Prix for the Transformation of the Business Model, one of the six categories of this competition. Participants at the evening then voted and named Lectra as the winner of the Grand Prix BFM Business 2020 for Digital Acceleration with 69% of the vote.


Lectra as a leading player in Industry 4.0

These two awards are in recognition of Lectra's commitment to making industry 4.0 a leading player in its markets by 2030. The company's winning strategy is based on four pillars: premium positioning, concentration on three strategic markets (fashion, automotive, and furniture), customer focus, and new 4.0 services.
With great emotion, Daniel Harari said, “The real value of Lectra is all the teams that make it up, and I dedicate this award to them. He went on to explain how the company, which was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1991, was able to become a world leader in the sector ten years later, capitalizing on its strengths of innovation, competent teams and a special relationship with clients.
“Three years ago,“ added Harari, “Lectra entered the digital acceleration phase. We successfully launched our first offers for Industry 4.0: a combination of software, hardware, data and services. Intelligent, connected solutions. Green solutions with low energy consumption. We are now partners with our customers. We provide them with industrial intelligence, an alliance of human skills and artificial intelligence. We are ready for a new phase and, with a proven business model, we approach it with confidence.

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