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Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerators by Samsung: premium aesthetics and top performance

Samsung Electronics has announced the global launch of the Bespoke Infinite Line range of refrigerators, arriving in Italy in the first quarter of 2023 exclusively for the Kitchen channel. The premium range, which includes fridge, freezer and wine cellar, thanks to its modularity and modern and timeless design, integrates perfectly with any decor. Essential lines, high quality materials, functions that optimize food preservation and fine finishes: these are the characteristics that distinguish the Bespoke Infinite Line range.

“Each addition to the Bespoke line-up introduces new consumers to the pleasure of a personalized experience,” said Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business Samsung Electronics. "Combining high quality materials and modular design, the Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator applies the Bespoke trademark, synonymous with customization, to a premium range refrigerator, offering an unprecedented mix of style and performance".


A mix of aesthetics and functionality

Clean lines, smooth surfaces, Timeless Greige finish and elegant gilt copper frame: these aesthetic details allow Bespoke Infinite Line to embellish any kitchen. The exterior is made of premium aluminum, resistant to scratches and dents and easy to clean in case of fingerprints and smudges.

The interior is bright and refined: the Black Metal Cooling panel, applied to the walls and doors, in addition to giving an elegant appearance, helps to preserve food better and longer because it quickly compensates for sudden changes in temperature. The Tunnel Lighting lights, on the other hand, embellish edges and shelves and allow you to see easily in every point of the refrigerator.

The capacity is also excellent: the fridge and freezer have a combined capacity of 805 litres, while the wine cellar can hold up to 101 bottles.


Practicality in the kitchen

Bespoke Infinite Line offers a series of very interesting practical functions, such as the new Auto Open door which, thanks to a sensor on the side, opens instantly, making it very easy to use, especially when your hands are full or dirty while cooking . Not only that, the sensor integrated in the door also allows you to eliminate the presence of the handle, enhancing that trendy and minimalist look so requested by consumers today.

The refrigerator is also equipped with a BPA-free jug with Autofill function, dishwasher safe, which allows you to quench your thirst at any time with fresh filtered water. There is also an integrated infuser to fill with fruit or flavorings of your choice to obtain delicious flavored drinks. The freezer has the Dual Auto Ice Maker ice dispenser to always have ice cubes available.


Flexible temperature management

The Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator allows flexible temperature management to store different foods at the same time, all in optimal conditions, always keeping them fresh. Flex Pantry, for example, is an independently controlled drawer with various pre-set temperatures, which can be selected in an instant, perfect for storing various types of food, whether they are meat and fish or fruit and vegetables, preserving their taste and consistency.

The same temperature optimization system is found in the wine cellar with Triple Temperature Zone technology. With three different zones and the possibility of precisely controlling the temperature, it is in fact possible to conserve different bottles at the same time, each under the most suitable conditions. The UV Protect Glass Door boasts a triple glass with UV protection, which protects the wine from sudden changes in external temperature and from the sun's rays, preserving its qualities.

Even the range of Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerators dialogues with SmartThings services for unparalleled convenience and savings. Thanks to the support of SmartThings Sommelier at Home, it is possible to know the best conditions for storing wine, while SmartThings Energy makes it possible to have data on the energy consumption of the refrigerator available in real time.