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High-end built-in appliances: the new brand Signature Kitchen Suite

Superior quality solutions and advanced technology to cook in the best way and with maximum flexibility, respecting food in all its forms and thus honoring all the players in the supply chain: those who grow food, those who prepare it and those who enjoy it. This is the True to Food™ philosophy of Signature Kitchen Suite, the new brand of high-end built-in appliances from the giant LG Electronics.
Signature Kitchen Suite offers a line of built-in appliances with sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology, able to offer the highest level of performance to preserve and enhance the organoleptic properties of any food.
At the heart of the collection is the refrigeration range, with column refrigerators and freezers, French Door and Vino Cantina, which is completed with steam and combination ovens, warming drawer, induction hob and dishwasher. All the appliances are Wi-Fi ready, i.e. prepared for connection to the home network.
In September the first European Signature Kitchen Suite showroom will open in Milan in Piazza Cavour, where architects, designers and the public can discover the company's True to Food philosophy.


Signature Kitchen Suite collection: the refrigeration range

At the heart of the collection Signature Kitchen Suite cooling, freezing and wine cellar modules designed to create, according to different needs, infinite combinations of cold.  They are all built-in appliances, flexible and panelled, with stainless steel doors that can be purchased as accessories. The interiors of refrigerators and freezers are in glass and stainless steel, to guarantee maximum hygiene and conservation. The adjustable shelves are illuminated by the intelligent True-Illumination™ system, a soft LED induction-activated, cable-free lighting system that provides discreet, never annoying light.
Among the top products is the extremely flexible and capacious French Door refrigerator. Each zone can be adjusted separately for perfect storage for every need. The central drawer can be converted into a refrigerator, freezer or 0° as required. The French Door refrigerator is equipped with a water dispenser integrated in the side wall and an ice maker with IcePlus function.
Also innovative is the Wine Cellar equipped with Knock Door technology that allows you to activate the internal lighting, knocking on the glass and thus choose your wine, without opening the door and compromising the internal temperature. The shelves are made of natural beech wood that eliminates any odour or substance that could alter the conservation of the wine; they have metal profiles and slide smoothly on sliding guides, to limit as much as possible the vibrations transmitted to the bottled wine.
All devices are Wi-Fi Ready, which can be connected to home automation systems. In addition, the Smart Diagnosis System allows you to easily detect any malfunctions via App, to intervene promptly.


Signature Kitchen Suite collection: the cooking range

The built-in cooking appliances of the Signature Kitchen Suite collection include two models of ovens, which enrich the design of any kitchen thanks to their clean and essential lines, with automatic door opening without handle. The range is completed by a warming drawer and induction hobs. All the functions are adjustable through a colour touch display, which allows you to identify the best cooking modes and have the operation of the appliance under control.

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