Mamoli offers the tap Cook

Functionality, flexibility and color

Mamoli offers the tap Cook

Functionality, flexibility and colorCook Mamoli's new range of taps dedicated to the kitchen, a proposal that interprets the evolution of the kitchen space, more and more the place of interpersonal relationships and convivial. Cook with the poetic Sovrappensiero design of the study investigates the relationship between the act of cooking, the product design and the desire for sustainability, eco-friendly thanks to the cartridge, and at finite temperature, which in time will guarantee the absence of waste of resources and while the fluidity of the movement of adjustment. So the single-lever mixer for sink becomes fully articulated, incredibly powerful, attractive from a functional point of view and formal. The great revolution characterized by the hose, made of silicone, brightly colored, soft to the touch, 360 and repositionable with no effort thanks to the magnetic force. Cook interprets and carries the taps spring for industrial kitchens in the home environment. The two worlds meet in polite forms: the cold steel embraces and supports the silicone, soft and colorful. Aesthetically can boast a unique design: balance and harmony are backed by impeccable dimensions and proportions, and the vitality of color gives the whole look fresh and modern, customizable in five variants: sunflower gray, red chili, green sauge, milky white and blue blueberry.


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