Fittings Teknobili

In the kitchen, a technology by true professionals

Fittings Teknobili

In the kitchen, a technology by true professionalsNew proposals Teknobili, the brand of high-end Nobili Rubinetterie. The Watercolors industrial mixer is designed for professional kitchens and for those households. High spout, hand shower and spring ensure maximum functionality, while nice and sleek design ensures unottima aesthetic. Thanks to the removable shower heads and jets combined, making it the easiest of all the operations carried out in the basin. Not to mention, then, the convenience of direct air flow, Dellacqua at the time of tidying and cleaning surfaces. For this Nobili Rubinetterie always pay more attention to the type of industrial mixers, mixing design solutions to the needs of the most demanding chefs. An exquisitely feminine touch in the kitchen instead offered by the new mixers Sof character from modern-retro, meeting distant suggestions and inspirations thanks to modern design that makes living together in a continuous game roundness and sharp edges. Sof a collection of classic lines but not traditional, certain dallassoluta accuracy dellavanzato companys production department. Refined elegance is also found in the kitchen mixer, available in two versions (with or without shower) and in two finishes: chrome, for a more shiny sink, or bronze, to accentuate her curves retro. Sof a true example of sensitive technology being equipped with dynamic controller Noble watersaving, which reduces the flow of water and then the waste water, and limiter Noble EcoFresh, which acts directly on the cartridge by adjusting the temperature. In addition, all plastic components, starting with the cartridge, making use of dietary compounds, particularly suitable and safe when the product in direct contact with water.


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