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Moon of Orsa Foam for furnishing and bedding

High performance for the best comfort
Category: Polyurethane
Publication date: 28/09/2017
Company: Orsa Foam

Moon by Orsa Foam: products for Furniture and Bedding

Specific products that offers high performances for unconditional comfort
Category: Paddings materials
Publication date: 05/06/2017
Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa Foam poliurethanes foams

In a spirit of creativeness and innovation
Category: Polyurethane
Publication date: 19/04/2017
Company: Orsa Foam

Acoustic Copopren of Orsa Foam div. Rebound

A panel which protects by noises and improves the quality of life
Category: Industry news
Publication date: 27/02/2017
Company: Orsa Foam

BBfoam Orsa Foam

When The innovation meets the respect for the environment
Category: Polyurethane
Publication date: 20/02/2014
Company: Orsa Foam