From research Cleaf

innovative finishes for exciting visual and tactile effects

From research Cleaf

Innovative finishes for exciting visual and tactile effectsThe system offers Cleaf allindustria a collection of decorative furniture classics, such as current trends and style and personalized. The company's mission continues the search for quality, even exclusive furniture through harmonic synthesis between the original and tactile effects, color and design. The finish Millennium is inspired by the soft wood of the red pines. Retains all of them lestrema smoothness and homogeneity of composition, this quality, you can appreciate especially to the touch. We strongly characterizes this new finish his apparent flaming, which creates intriguing visual effects thanks to a succession of unexpected levels matte and glossy. Thanks to the continuous and intense work of Cleaf research lab, you have come to define the new surface Kristall. Kristall explores a world of lights and images that are reflected, its glossy surface, see visions, emotions flare. The proposed colors, ranging from white through shades of gray a world of hot and cold until landing to dark blue, denoting a strong attention to trends and design-oriented worlds, amplifying the strong personality of this surface. In addition to the particular aesthetic note, the considerable thickness of the acrylic material with which it made, Kristall makes an extraordinarily reflective surface, resistant to scratches, stains and allumidit; then located in the interior design applications the widest transversality dutilizzo. The new Azimut decoration is inspired by the vibrant texture of cedar wood pickled and eaten by time. The effect enhances the grain of wood which evoke memories and feelings away, giving off a warm and enveloping. Cleaf Azimut offers a wide range of opaque colors and solid colors ranging from white to black optical pitch.


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