Solid Surface HI-MACS material: a new Brand Identity and a new logo

Changes that underline the company's commitment to better meet the new needs of the market

new hi-macs logo

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After the recent name change from LG Hausys to LX Hausys, HI-MACS, the Solid Surface material conceived and produced by the company and widely used for interior design and architectural projects, also presents its new Brand Identity and a new logo.
These changes testify to the company's moment of great evolution as it aims to increase its innovative spirit and meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market and clientele.


LX Hausys and Himacs: two new logos

Designed to consistently express the LX Hausys brand identity across all products, the new logo aims to communicate the corporate image while remaining true to corporate standards: in the LX Hausys "LX/" logo, "L" stands for "link" while "X" represents "infinite possibilities for the future (variable X) and a sustainable future." The ascending and diagonal line of the LX font design is meant to be a visual representation of this future-oriented path.
The same approach for the HI-MACS Brand Identity, also characterized by the design of the diagonal line that wants to express a leap towards a sustainable future. The graphics have also been modified to effectively communicate the image of the HI-MACS brand.
The name HI-MACS, however, remains unchanged to ensure continuity with the high quality product offered to architects, designers and planners.


HI-MACS Solid Surface

HI-MACS is a Solid Surface material, a high quality acrylic stone that can take any shape: this is why it is a material used in architecture and interior design to give life to high performance sculptural forms. HI-MACS® can be used to create facades, wall coverings or tops for kitchens, bathrooms and furnishing surfaces, in both private and public spaces.
Composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that together create a smooth, non-porous surface with no visible joints, HI-MACS is able to meet all the highest standards in terms of quality, aesthetics, construction, functionality and hygiene.
LX Hausys has recently introduced two new products: HI-MACS Ultra-Thermoforming which has 30% more thermoplastic properties, and HI-MACS Intense Ultra which combines the best of both Intense Colour Technology and Ultra-Thermoforming.



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