Lectra reinforces its Executive Committee and reviews the organization of the branches

Objective to become the undisputed protagonist on the market Industry 4.0

lectra executive committee

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Lectra is the leading provider of integrated solutions for design, product development and automated cutting for upholstered furniture manufacturers. The solutions offered by Lectra help companies optimize processes, reducing development time, costs and material consumption. In order to accelerate the Lectra 4.0 strategy, inaugurated in early 2017, the company decided to reinforce its Executive Committee with the aim of becoming the undisputed leader in the market Industry 4.0. Five objectives of Lectra's strategic plan for the period 2017-2019: accelerate revenue growth, both organic and through targeted acquisitions; accentuate technological leadership to increase the value of products and services offered; strengthen competitive advantage and long-term relationships with customers; progressively launching new software offers in SaaS mode (an acronym for Software as a Service, software as a service to be provided to companies); self-financing its internal and external development.In order to support customers in the implementation of the principles of Industry 4.0, Lectra has significantly increased, in the last three years, investments in the design and development of new product lines, as well as in the integration of existing software and cutting solutions. The company has focused its attention mainly on four fundamental technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things and Cloud.. The first offer for Industry 4.0 of Lectra was launched as a pilot project in 2018 in some countries and will be progressively distributed in other countries around the world during 2019. 


The new Executive Committee of Lectra

The Executive Committee of Lectra was composed of Daniel Harari, Céline Choussy, Edouard Macquin, Jérôme Viala and Véronique Zoccoletto; in order to accelerate the execution of its strategy, the group decided to review the organization of its branches, recalibrate the Customer Success efforts and expand the Executive Committee, which remains under the chairmanship of Daniel Harari, President and CEO. Jérôme Viala, Executive Vice President, has been elected Vice President of the Executive Committee, with more responsibility for the activities of the branches, but maintaining his current duties. In order to better adapt the Lectra 4.0 strategy to different markets, to accelerate business development and to reinforce synergies within each geographical area, Lectra branches will be reorganized into four main regions: Americas, led by Edouard Macquin; Asia-Pacific, led by Javier Garcia; Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, led by Holger Max-Lang; and Southern Europe and North Africa, led by Fabio Canali.Fabio Canali, Javier Garcia and Holger Max-Lang also joined the Executive Committee.To be even closer to customer needs and ensure optimal use of solutions, Lectra has established the position of Chief Customer Success Officer, entrusted to Laurence Jacquot, who enters the Executive Committee.Maximilien Abadie, Chief Strategy Officer, becomes a member of the Executive Committee, with the task of assisting the adoption of the Lectra 4.0 strategy within the group's teams and preparing the strategic plan for the period 2020-2022.Olivier du Chesnay, Chief Finantial Officer, joins the Executive Committee to strengthen the foundations of Lectra's business model.Céline Choussy, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, will mainly have the task of ensuring the launch and development of new offers.Véronique Zoccoletto, Chief Transformation Officer, will have to continue the transition to digital and promote the use of the four leading technologies."Our growth plan is ambitious - said Daniel Harari - and we had to set up a structure that would allow us to quickly reach our goals.The new dynamic of our regions, together with the creation of a dedicated Customer Success team, will further increase the We have worked extensively with all the members of this new Executive Committee, and have admired and appreciated over the years their passion for Lectra and the scope of their expertise.We have a more robust and cohesive management team that enjoys of my full confidence and that I am sure will be able to bring Lectra to a new and important phase of its development path ".


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