Bencore composite honeycomb panels: transparent, lightweight, versatile

The honeycom panels, used both in architecture and interior design, give personality to each project.

composite honeycomb panels by Bencore

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Transparency is the main feature of the composite honeycomb panels proposed by Bencore, an Italian company specialized in the production and distribution of materials for architecture and interior design. Thanks to their transparency, honeycomb panels, i.e. honeycomb structure, can be used as mobile partitions and walls widening the vision of spaces and giving depth and breadth to the environment.
Initially used in the aerospace industry for their strength, Bencore honeycomb panels are lightweight but structural materials that can be cut with precision and machined with extreme flexibility. Their core can be made of aluminum, advanced composites or even cardboard.


Bencore honeycomb panels for high tech and minimalist aesthetics

Bencore's composite honeycomb panels separate and guarantee privacy without taking breath away from the rooms and are able to diffuse the light giving a beautiful brightness. Elegant and minimalist, the high-tech look of honeycomb makes them appreciated both in interior architecture and interior design because they are able to give added value to any type of project.
Even all the furnishing elements made with Bencore panels express an unmistakable design obtained by the transparency and the fact that, both in the neutral and colored version, the material and its structure is visible.


Added value for increasingly flexible spaces

The spaces in which we live today are dynamic, prone to change and often require great flexibility to adapt to our activities. Often the success of an interior design project depends on the choice and use of innovative materials that can help to make that project unique giving it a significant added value.
Bencore's composite honeycomb panels perfectly meet these design needs both for residential and work and contract spaces.


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