Rauwalon perfect-line: the invisible splash-back of Rehau

Perfect aesthetical continuity between worktop and wall

Rauwalon perfect-line: the invisible splash-back of Rehau

Rauwalon perfect-line of Rehau is an innovative solution able to create a perfect aesthetical continuity between worktop and wall.
Rauwalon perfect-line is the unpublished range of profiles of wall estate with an invisible effect zero joint conceived by the company in order to define new standards of planning and realization of furniture for kitchen. Result of the collaboration with the university students of Selb, the new line of splash-backs, it creates an excellent aesthetical harmony and an amazing effect of continuous surface, thanks to a lower lip with a thickness extremely reduced. The upper lip is instead of standard dimensions and it compensates possible irregularities of the wall.
Rauwalon perfect-line is perfectly combined to the work plans of the principal producers. Rehau, leading company in the development of components for the furniture industry, it provides seven types of different surfaces: from those standard, opaque and shiny to those opaque lacquered and embossed. A range of 40 solutions of standard design and more than 800 decorum that allow to choose according to the demands of planning for kitchens taken care of truly excellently.
The aesthetical perfection of Rauwalon perfect-line it is not the unique characterizing element: extremely important it is also the functionality of the element splash-back, which maintains the same performance characteristics common to the other ones Rehau splash-backs: resistance to vapor up to 70°C, to water, to contact with the common detergents, to scratches and stability to exposure to rays UV.


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