995 Euro Orvel: how to best organize the vanity drawer

The container wall orders and improves the siphon space

995 Euro Orvel: how to best organize the vanity drawer

From the over 30 years experience of Euro Orvel comes 995, a container wall for the siphon space of the vanity drawer made of thermoplastic material. Thanks to this product, the under-sink drawer can be better organized, making it more orderly and functional. The article 995 also covers the cut section of the drawer bottom avoiding further processing.

It is a modular system in 3 pieces made in 4 widths (150, 200, 250, 300 mm), 3 depths (200, 250, 300 mm), 2 heights (35, 75 mm) and in various colours. 995 is extremely easy to clean and remains unalterable over time.


Attention also to the "hidden" spaces of the furniture

Versatility and attention to detail are the values ​​that have always been at the base of the corporate philosophy of Euro Orvel to constantly bring innovation in technological accessories for furniture. In line with the current trend of paying even more attention to the "hidden" spaces of the various rooms of the house, Euro Orvel has studied in particular the combination of siphon and non-slip mat to make the interior of the piece aesthetically cared for. Non-slip mats for drawers are supplied by Euro Orvel in rolls. The coverings can also be customized with the customer's logo.

At the next Sicam in Pordenone, Euro Orvel is going to present the new colours of 995 and the new possible combinations, as well as its rich range of under-sink, the company's core business, in aluminium and in thermoplastic material.


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