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Vefer SpA

Vefer SpA

“Do not settle copies, pretend the only, the original.“ This is very apt slogan of that brianzolo miracle, dreamed more than sixty years ago by the Vergani family, did Liss Vefer of a beacon in the industry high quality polyurethane foams, a leader in Italy and Europe. Browse back the years and pages of stories of the headquarters of Via Martyrs of Freedom fully gives the sense of originality and initiative of these entrepreneurs to strokes of genius and sweat, they were up to 160,000 meters farmland and especially over 300 jobs considering the armature.

“Towards the end of the 50 Vergani Giuseppe, still a minor, creates Vefer. At the beginning the company mainly engaged in the commercialization of products for upholsterers, then in the early 60s with the arrival in the company of his brother Massimo Gabriele (current president of Vefer spa) activity is increasingly focused towards the processing and transformation of polyurethane foam.
In the 70's the turning point with the decision to buy in England a plant for the continuous production of polyurethane foam, thus becoming a company not only machining and processing but producer of a raw material which is precisely the polyurethane foam. The direct production of the raw material allows Vefer to develop their business not only in the field of upholstered furniture but to study and produce polyurethanes for the field of sleep and be instrumental in stuffing beds and especially mattresses. The steady growth in terms of volume and turnovers of the 80, means that in the mid 90 comes the need to buy a second plant, always for the continuous production of polyurethane block. Massimo Vergani cradle her child and looks to the future with confidence: the company will continue with the second generation, well prepared. It will continue to grow. “

Today Vefer is at the top in Italy and Europe thanks to the constant research of the best quality possible. quality obtained with systems for the production of technologically advanced polyurethane, from which you have better density with optimal values ​​of resilience, elasticity and softness. By Vefer out every day polyurethane blocks, slabs for mattresses, pillows souls, bodies for sofas, armchairs and special products that meet specific approvals flame retardant in CL 1 and CL 1 IM for the contract. The numbers explain the solidity and the importance of this productive angle Brianza: two plants for the continuous production of polyurethane block, seven cut lines, twelve computerized shaping and carousels for the production of cold-foamed in the mold and department stores storage.

From Liss, the Vefer was strategically placed with a second production site in Spain, for a more widespread distribution of products on an international scale.
All taken care of the smallest detail, not only in manufacturing but also in transport, to ensure the products Vefer the opportunity to really get to every corner of the old continent, of course, meeting different needs and demands more and more detailed. Challenges, day after day, have been answered.
Quality, technology, innovation, are the keys for access to a company's success unmatched in this area; but the ride to the market and the production company does not overlook another noble inclination, sensitivity to the environment.

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Vefer SpA

Viale Martiri della Libertà 102, Lissone, 20851, Monza e della Brianza, Italia