‏Flexible polyurethane foam: industry's answer to the objectives of Circular Economy

‏Efficiency of resources and recycling

 ‏Flexible polyurethane foam: industry's answer to the objectives of Circular Economy

‏‏The definition of a Community policy aimed at reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and to promote reuse and recovery of end-of-life artefacts has seen its fulfillment with the presentation, which took place on December, 2nd 2015, by the European Commission, of a European plan on circular economy in which has analysed the interdependence of all processes in the value chain: from raw materials’ extraction to product design, from production to distribution, from consumption to reuse and recycling of materials.
‏This plan consists of an action Plan that identifies key measures and specific areas of intervention and four motions for review and modification of the main directives for Waste Management which include also measures aimed at stimulate a greater circularity of "wastes which may again become resources."
‏In particular, the action plan incorporates the proposals on waste legislation establishing measures that impact all steps of the product lifecycle. Among the measures in the plan, those which affect product design aimed at their durability, reparability and recyclability, are particularly important.
‏The four proposals for revision and amendment of main directives for Waste Management concern recycling and mechanical recycling, energy recovery, recycling thermochemical and chemical recycling.


‏Aipef and Europur document

‏Flexible polyurethane foam industry, through its Association (EUROPUR), has prepared a document that describes the State of the art on the possibility of recovery of upholstery in end-of-life polyurethane and prospects to answer to the objectives of Circular Economy that tend to the exclusion of the dump as a means of waste disposal.
‏The document, established also by AIPEF, can be accessed through the following link:



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