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Wood technologies: fourth quarter 2021 also extremely positive
The results of woodworking machinery, plants and technologies continue to be extremely positive in the fourth quarter of 2021: orders grew by 41 percent compared to the same period in 2020, thanks to the boost of an excellent plus 60 percent on the domestic market and 38.6 percent recorded on world markets.

The quarterly survey carried out as usual by the Studies Office of Acimall, the association that brings together wood technology manufacturers, reveals, on a significant statistical sample, that the order book is 6.1 months, a figure not seen for a long time in periodic analyses.

The price change in 2021 stands at 5.2 percent.

Positive growth throughout 2021

The data for the last quarter of 2021 provide us with a clear view of the year as a whole: according to the Acimall Studies Office, the collection of orders in the twelve months would have grown by 72 percent compared to 2020, the year that recorded the most critical effects of the pandemic. A growth however "important" even if compared with the orders collected in 2019 (more 44.1 percent). If we then compare the "quarter on quarter" data, i.e. the period October-December 2021 compared to the same three months of 2019, the increase in orders was 46.1 percent, therefore perfectly in line with the result recorded for the whole of 2021.


Optimism also for the future

The qualitative survey, elaborated thanks to the answers of the interviewees, also reveals a more than positive climate: for the interviewees, the production of wood technologies had a positive trend (57 percent of the sample) or stationary (43 percent), no one reported a contraction. Same data for employment: increasing for 57% of the sample, stable for the remaining 43%. Stocks were stable for 48% of those interviewed, increasing for 24% and decreasing for 28%.

Looking to the future, the survey confirms a strong tendency towards stability for the foreign market (76% of the sample), while 24% foresees further growth in the first three months of this year. The domestic market will remain at current levels according to 66% of those interviewed, will continue to grow for 29%, and will show signs of contraction for 5%.

There are some negative elements on the production front, conditioned by problems linked to the difficulty of finding, price increases and delays in supplies of raw materials and components that could affect the first part of this year.