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The retractable system of junction OvvO of Roverplastik

Easy to use and applicable in all contexts

OvvO is the exclusive retractable system of junction proposed by Roverplastik, company always looking for the search of innovative and state-of-the-art products.
OvvO is an innovative snap-fit to push solution that allows to assemble between them two panels in easy and clean way. The system of junction OvvO has been developed for a vast range of applications in the carpentry, in furniture production but, actually, it is applicable in all contexts in which there is need to effect some junctions among panels.
It is, in fact, a retractable solution composed by an element female boxed in a panel and an element of protruding anchorage which firmly ties the two panels in the desired position.
The use of OvvO is simple: just push the two elements male and female between them up to feel the “click“  which points out the coupling.
The advantages of the system OvvO are numerous. First of all it allows to save up 80% on times of assemblage, both in the laboratory both on the spot, also because it is no longer necessary to use particular tools, hill or grapevines.
Besides, the process of milling takes only two passages with a 30% saving on times.
The volumes of transport are reduced of 50% thanks to the possibility to transport the not assembled product. The system OvvO is retractable, so the final aesthetical result is totally better in comparison to other solutions in which grapevines or wedges are visible in the points of junction.
The OvvO system is available in two different versions: a slide release, reversing junction, that allows to assemble and to get off always the products in efficient way; the other not-slide release, ideal when it must permanently join two panels.
Roverplastik offers all the elements that compose the Ovvo system: the Ovvo clips with permanent coupling and those with reversing coupling; a complete series of mills for OvvO in widia with diameters which allow the use both on manual cars and both on centers of job; the alternative series of mills in diamond version, always compatible with all cars and proper for the hardest materials and the great productions and the handle for the OvvO insertion.
In order to inform professionals of the sector about this revolutionary system and to allow them to verify the validity and the effectiveness, Roverplastik has made available three starter kits: one kit with 100 clips with permanent coupling, another one with 100 clips with reversing coupling and the Kit OvvO MIX that is composed by 50 permanent pieces and 50 reversing. In each kit the standard mill is included.