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Technologies for woodworking: 2022 also ends with a positive sign
2022 ends with another positive sign for the world of machines, equipment, tools for woodworking and the furniture industry. This is what emerges from the data processed by the Study Office of Acimall, the association that brings together manufacturers of wood technology: in fact, total production has reached a value of 2,646 million euros, 4.6 per cent more than the record already set in 2021.


Positive signals for the sector

As regards exports, there are signs of substantial stability, reaching 1,757 million euros (up 1% compared to 2021), while sales on the domestic market amount to 889 million euros, a good 12.1% more than to the already excellent results achieved last year.

Imports are growing, reaching 257 million euros, up 5.3 percent on 2021, and bringing the trade balance to a positive balance of 1,500 million euros; essentially the same value as in 2021, on which the increase was 0.2%.

The apparent consumption of our country therefore stands at 1,146 million euros, a good 10.8 percent more than last year.

Italian companies continue to invest

These results show that the companies in the sector are confirming the successes achieved in the last two years also for 2022, albeit with a lower percentage growth.

After all, the reference are the record indicators achieved in 2021 and furthermore 2022 had to face an extremely complex situation caused by the war in Ukraine, by the increase in energy costs, by the closure of many markets and by the continuing difficulty in procuring components and materials prime.

These elements made their weight felt especially in the last quarter of 2022 with results that obviously influenced the final balance.

Excellent results were recorded on the domestic front where Italian companies, also driven by incentives from the central authorities, continued to invest in woodworking machinery and technologies, to renew their machinery fleet.

Forecast for 2023

The forecasts for 2023 for the woodworking machinery and technology sector are somewhat difficult: the persistence of the complex situation at a global level, the general economic climate which does not seem destined to change for the moment and the strong technological renewal of companies in the last years push towards cautious optimism which could translate into a substantial confirmation of the positive levels achieved this year.