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Stone Lake and Italian Kitchen propose Monolith

Top and sink made of quartz-based material innovative DNBAesthetic refinement and innovative manufacturing techniques have enabled the creation of Monolith, a single quartz monolith capable of holding the floor and the kitchen sink. From the second edition of Stone Circus, Lorenzo Palmeri project that sees Stone Italian cooperate with some selected companies for the shared development of new materials and products, has born Monolith, a kitchen, modular kitchen system 36e8 Lake with top and sink made of DNB innovative quartz-based material developed by Italian Stone. The sink a surprise: it can be the same color as the top or create a two-color print on the inside, cloaked color lake to communicate with the front of the kitchen. DNB a material into quartz plates, composed of materials appropriately selected for using in contact with food. The continuous research and sophisticated manufacturing techniques developed by Italian Stone allow, in addition to processing slabs for flat surfaces in various thicknesses, to mold and turn into sinks, monoliths shaped perfectly integrated into the kitchen floor, with shades of identity and identity performance such as ease of cleaning and maintenance, in addition to UNI EN 13310 and two-year warranty. Stone Lake and Italian, each with its specific identity and wealth of experience, then share a project that brings together and enhance the various skills, creating a privileged views of a world on the other.