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SCM presents the human-sized Smart Factory at Ligna

In an exhibition space of over 4,000 square meters, SCM presented at Ligna 2019, the world's most important trade fair for the wood processing and treatment industry, the “Smart&Human Factory“, its vision of the factory of the future for the furniture industry.
It is a system of flexible, automated, modular and easily reconfigurable cells, integrated by anthropomorphic and collaborative industrial robots and programmable autonomously guided intelligent shuttles, able to move and work alongside the operator in total safety.
Created to respond effectively and quickly to the demands of Mass Customisation, this intelligent factory is still on a human scale: the latest generation SCM cells can in fact be composed at the request of the customer to adapt to its processing needs.
The “Smart&Human Factory“ is therefore a cutting-edge production model with highly flexible and modular automation systems and human-robot interaction.


The “Smart&Human Factory“ presented in Ligna

The system presented by SCM at Ligna is just one example of the possible configurations that the “Smart&Human Factory“ can take on the basis of the specific needs of the individual company, an example that helps to understand the ability of this system to respond promptly to all orders from the market, customizing them according to the requirements and at the same time reducing the problems caused, at the logistical level, by a custom mass production.
Also at Ligna 2019, SCM presented the new model of “Smart&Human Factory“ also in the space dedicated to the treatment of surfaces where the doors were processed with the help of a dmc system, a machine designed to meet the needs of medium and large companies that require the highest quality in sanding and finishing operations.


Excellent economic results for the SCM Group

The SCM Group closed 2018 with a turnover that exceeded 700 million euros resistering a growth of 15%, of which more than 70% concerned the Divisione Legno with more than 500 million and an increase of more than 15% over the previous year.
These figures confirm the Group's solidity also thanks to the widest range of technological and digital solutions available at international level for the world of second woodworking, which ranges from craftsmen to large industries.

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