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Scm Group celebrates seventy years of activity: solidity, internationality, innovation and people
Scm Group, a company specializing in woodworking technologies and a wide range of materials and industrial components, is celebrating the prestigious milestone of 70 years of activity this year.

It was in fact the summer of 1952 when in Rimini SCM built its first woodworking machine, L'Invincibile, with a specific mission: to offer the widest range of woodworking solutions at an international level.

Over time, the Group has developed technologies and acquired numerous leading brands not only to complete all the processes of second wood processing, but also in the field of advanced materials, plastic, glass, metal and marble.

This long history of success has led the Group to reach today's numbers: 750 million euros in turnover in 2021 (90% exported abroad), over 4000 employees and a direct and widespread presence throughout the world. Since its origins, the Aureli and Gemmani families have been at the helm of the Group.


SCM's strategies: the customer at the center

The strategy behind the success of SCM Group has always been to put the customer at the center, accompanying it in all the processes related to the panel world, of solid wood, wood construction and joinery and offering him solutions strongly customized and adapted to his needs.

To guarantee an even more direct contact, from consultancy to sales and post sales, Scm is investing in the skills of its global team, in the technical, commercial and after sales fields and, in this area, the Group's Campus training center plays a role basic.

At the same time, the Group is accelerating its digital transformation path on two levels: internally, by renewing the organizational and customer interaction models throughout the customer journey, and at the level of products and services offered.

For Scm, all this translates into digital and connected technologies designed for more efficient and sustainable factories; IoT systems that allow the customer to preserve and enhance their technologies throughout their entire life cycle; the new My Scm portal, which offers a wide range of services to view, collect and analyze all information on production performance in real time; a Service team that can manage cases in a simple and effective way, providing quick answers.

Investments in Research and Development

Investment in research and development is another pillar of the SCM Group’s business. "Not only do we allocate to R&D activities 7% of the Group’s annual turnover - explains Luigi De Vito, Director of the SCM Division and General Manager of the Group, - but we can also count on an Innovation team with multidisciplinary skills that allow us to have an open, forward-looking approach, that goes beyond the specific applications of the fields of competence, still to the total benefit of the customer".

The investment plan also puts sustainability first in both internal processes and at the level of products and services, to offer customers solutions that reduce the space occupied in the factory, processing times and margins of error, in addition to containing the costs related to energy consumption and waste of resources and material.

Investments in offices in Italy and abroad

Despite the current uncertainties related to the surge in the costs of raw materials and energy, Scm continues to invest in its offices in Italy as well. "We are increasing the production capacity of our industrial sites - added De Vito - which already today record an average production of 20 thousand machines a year. In addition to expanding the surfaces, we are implementing modernization works, such as the one underway in Rimini, to obtain more eco-sustainable and congenial spaces for our human resources. Another great driver is the digitalization of our production lines, which continues with the diffusion in the various locations of lean processes and FCS (Factory Control System) control systems in line with the requirements of Industry 4.0. The goal is to improve industrial organization through greater integration of the factory with IT systems ".

Investments in commercial branches abroad are also important, such as the renewed headquarters of SCM North America in Canada, in British Columbia (West Coast) and the opening of new branches in India and Turkey, to ensure an increasingly direct and widespread presence in strategic markets.