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Sadun: Avonite, Oberflex and Sibu Design

Materials with high innovative contentSadun protagonist for years in design and design with the distribution of materials with high innovative content. Point of reference for architects, designers and companies, Sadun, is distinguished by the ability to anticipate trends through a careful eye on the international production scene. A search always-on that allows you to select proposals for more exclusive surfaces and coatings from the technological point of view. Among the novelties companys Avonite solid surface. Avonite is the largest producer of acrylic sheets continuously in the world, nessunaltra company can provide the same quality day after day. Avonite can adapt its formats up to a width of 1520 mm meeting the needs of the customer, significantly reducing production time and processing waste. Avonite the point of reference for designers; together with a wide choice of colors and finishes allows you to create endless forms without solution of continuity. Avonite stimulates the creativity of the designers and the most demanding progettualit going beyond the traditional work plans. It 'available in sheets of 1370 x 3660 mmm. Oberflex alleleganza combines the strength of the wood laminate so eliminating the risks arising dallutilizzo alone veneer. Oberflex d free rein to creativity, making the wood uninfinit applicable to new and exciting applications: hotels, shops, public buildings, decorations, marine, rail and ports, campers and many other coatings are in realization Oberflex the most elegant and prestigious. It is available in thickness from 1 to 1.3 mm in standard quality or quality fire retardant and IMO. Sibu Design ultimately changes the way of conceiving the decorative panels thanks to a versatile and innovative material such as polystyrene. Linfinita range of patterns, colors and shapes, opens up enormous creative spaces to designers and planners. In addition alleleganza, the most unique feature of the flexibility of the panels that allows limpiego on curved and wavy.

Bloom, a new sustainable technology from Arpa Industriale

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Category: Technological materials for furniture
Publication date: 25/06/2019
Company: Arpa Industriale S.p.A.

‏Dry connection system Lock of Abet Laminati

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Publication date: 30/10/2017


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Publication date: 19/02/2015