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Plane No-Drop extractor hood by Falmec: technological innovation and design

The Plane No-Drop extractor hood is equipped with the innovative “anti-condensation“ No-Drop™ System technology, patented by Falmec, the result of the Veneto-based company's commitment to responding to the problems of dripping liquid condensation from cooking vapors.
This phenomenon occurs especially in the presence of induction hobs, which are increasingly used in the kitchen: the absence of a flame increases the thermal gap between the hot cooking steam and the cold body of the hood, accentuating the phenomenon of condensation and dripping liquids.


An innovative system of anti-condensation filters

The Plane No-Drop extractor hood eliminates the annoying problem of condensation in the kitchen, thanks to the system of cross-blade technopolymer anti-condensation filters arranged in a double battery, designed to trap fumes and vapors from cooking.
The arrangement of the filters has been studied in such a way as to imprison every single particle of condensation, which slips by gravity along an inclined channel and finally flows into a liquid collection channel that can be easily emptied and removed for convenient cleaning.
Available both wall-mounted and island-mounted, in the 90 cm size only, the Plane No-Drop fume hood integrates two LED strips, inserted into the stainless steel edge, which allow for effective lighting of the cooking area. The hood is also equipped with a 4-speed electronic control, which regulates a powerful motor with a capacity of 800 m3/h.
Falmec's No-Drop™ System of anti-condensation filters, along with other patented technologies, demonstrate how the company continues to invest in innovation to offer solutions capable of making the home environment increasingly comfortable and healthy.

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