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Light equipment Loop and Pulse of Domus Bath

Design and functionality for bathroom

Search, innovation and design are the distinctive features of Domus Line, Italian company present in the market with five brands which propose the widest offer of systems and lighting controls of the furniture lighting sector.
The collection DOMUS Bath®, brand of DOMUS Line® devoted to the lighting of bathroom, today it becomes enriched of two new models, “Loop“ and “Pulse which are characterised by their round and square shape and by a bright projection “full screen.“
Loop and Pulse are available in two configurations: the standard version and the Magnet version.
The standard version is supplied with clamp for an easy and fast installation on the edge of the mirror.
Loop Magnet and Pulse Magnet incorporate, instead, a magnet which allows the direct application of the equipment on the surface of the mirror. The perfect adherence of the configuration with magnet is guaranteed on mirrors with a maximum thickness of 6mm and with a metallic foil applied on the back of the mirror.
Both models integrate a lighting sandwich with Edge technology LED 3,6W for Loop and 4,8W for Pulse. Their bright projection is uniform, diffused and free of the disagreeable punctuated effect typical of the traditional LED equipment.  
Loop and Pulse are homologated with level of protection IP44, therefore they have been protected from water spray and they can be installed in damp environments like bathrooms and wellness areas, in total safety.


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