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Hfele presents Slido Classic 70 VF A

A modular system for sliding doors

The program Slido born from extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Hfele of mechanisms for sliding doors. Slido Classic 70 VF A, born last of this family, represents an evolution in terms of functionality and design in the world of sliding. This crank is not simply a mechanism for sliding doors, but a modular system designed to complement each time different components that make it always the optimum solution for the specific application. The dampers Smuso CD, and electric-drive and lazionamento lunit synchronization Syncro are the main characters that allow you to customize the Slido Classic 70 VF A. The dampers offer minimal resistance allapertura while always ensuring a soft closing optimum; lazionamento electrical permits, in complete safety, the opening of two, three or four doors with a small remote control; Syncro mechanism allows the opening synchronized cabinets with four doors. All these components are mounted behind the slide rail or on the cover of the cabinet thus combining the needs of functionality to those of design, always ensuring unestetica clean and minimalist. Slido Classic 70 VF to be used on cabinets with sizes ranging from 1600 to 4000 mm, two, three or four doors and door weight up to 70 kg. Finally, to meet the needs of design, Hfele also provides profiles decorative HPL to conceal the upper slide track making it disappear into the cabinet frame.

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