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Falmec kitchen hoods: suction solutions where glass is the protagonist

Glass is an element that distinguishes many of the kitchen hood collections offered by Falmec, a historic Italian manufacturer of extractor hoods and air treatment solutions. Considering its proximity to Venice and its strong bond with the territory, the Treviso-based company uses the famous Murano glass for some of its products, which is recognised and appreciated as the excellence of Made in Italy throughout the world.


Circle.Tech collection hoods

The impeccable use of Murano glass is best expressed in the hood Soffio, which is part of the collection Circle.Tech, a collection that combines the functions of suction and filtration in a single body, ensuring maximum efficiency and a drastic reduction of space.
The refined design of Soffio is characterised by two steel rings that delimit the perimeter of the structure made entirely of blown glass.
Also new and part of the same line of extractor fan solutions is Levante in the new graphite finish. The tempered glass of the frame that makes up the hood is, in fact, the main aesthetic feature of this solution equipped with the innovative motorised up/down system that allows it to be adjusted in height according to requirements, through the use of a remote control. In order to obtain chromatic uniformity in the profile and in every point of observation, Falmec has created a mass colouring of the glass for this version, a special technique that preserves the natural colour of the glass without any surface treatment.
In the Vetra hood, also from the Circle.Tech collection, the tempered glass surrounding the stainless steel structure gives an extremely light effect. This hood is available in the dual version for island or wall mounting.


Hoods from the E.ionTM System collection

The E.ionTM System collection, the line of solutions that sanitise the air thanks to the technology of the same name that recreates atmospheric ions through controlled bipolar ionisation, includes various models of hoods, characterised by the beauty of black or white glass. Such as the Mare E.ion hood with its particular wave that gives movement to the structure, the imposing elliptical cylinder Spring E.ion, or even Lumière E.ion with its rigorous forms.


Bellaria, the Murano glass air purifier

Murano glass is also used in the structure of the Bellaria air purifier, handmade according to the tradition of the Venetian masters, available in classic white and grey, or in bright yellow and red. At home, in the office or in any indoor environment, Bellaria, thanks to its filtering and ionising system, eliminates all potentially harmful substances for the body and unpleasant odours, such as cigarette smoke.

The photo shows the Mare E.ionTM System kitchen hood by Falmec.

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