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Domus Line LED Flexyled SE H4 profile: high performance in just 4 mm

From the constant search for Domus Line for the realization of high-performance minimal lighting fixtures, FLEXYLED SE H4 is a LED recessed silicone profile.Designed for installation on the sides of wardrobe closets, but also useful in many other applications that require a minimal lighting system, FLEXYLED SE H4 is a flexible linear profile with lateral projection LEDs (Side-Emitting).This LED profile has been developed with a new extrusion technology for diffusing silicone materials and has been specifically designed for recessed installation in milled only 4mm wide and 10mm deep flush with the panel. It therefore has no protrusion and does not require adhesives or adhesives for the installation since the soft silicone profile can be inserted into the milling simply by pressure.FLEXYLED SE H4 has a power of 12 W / m with 120 LEDs per meter, it is available in five pre-wired modules of 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm and is divisible every 25mm.It is a no-dot effect device, which guarantees a homogeneous light projection without the dotted effect.

Domus Line Lineo: innovative design and high technology in just 4 mm

A versatile appliance with multiple application possibilities
Category: Furniture lighting
Publication date: 17/06/2019
Company: Domus Line S.r.l.