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Chemical Resine: the innovative

Chemical Resine, a company specialized in the production of flexible polyurethane foam, has innovated its production by introducing the new technology “CarDio“, a new generation system for the production of flexible polyurethane foam.
This innovation, developed by Cannon-Viking Ltd., allows continuous production, introducing the expanding agent CO2 (liquid carbon dioxide) under high pressure conditions. Unlike traditional technologies, the use of this substance, widely available in nature, allows to avoid the use of expansion agents harmful to the environment such as CFCs, chlorofluorocarbons, and VOCs, volatile organic compounds. It also reduces the amount of isocyanate necessary for the reaction process by lowering the exothermia, i.e. the maximum temperature reached, and in turn reducing the risks of self-combustion.
The performance of the “CarDio“ technology allows a better distribution of the physical-mechanical properties in all parts of the block, allowing production to be extended to very low density levels and the production of very soft foams with reduced lifting capacity values.


Chemical Resins: a company that cares about quality and service

Chemical Resine has been present on the market since the 1950s, initially dealing with the resale of upholstery items and then moving on to an industrial structure, directing its production towards the processing of blocks of expanded resins for the production of upholstery in the furniture sector. A further evolution occurred in the 70s with the transition to the production of raw blocks of flexible polyurethane foam.
For over thirty years, production equipment has been developed and improved to always guarantee the highest quality level of the product offered. Accurate controls and competent personnel strictly follow all phases of production.
In addition to the quality of the product Chemical Resine offers a high service that includes the possibility of storage and delivery always on time and efficient thanks to a widespread distribution network.
The company is also able to carry out specific processes producing slabs, mattresses, rolls, bands, strips, shapes and endless customizations thanks to the internal department equipped with manual cutting lines, semi-automatic and advanced computer-controlled machinery.

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