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Bosch fridge and freezer with VitaFresh technology and Home Connect

Bosch, a leading manufacturer of household electrical appliances in the European market, takes part in Klimahouse, the Italian trade fair dedicated to the energy efficiency and building sustainability sector, which is taking place in these days in Bolzano.

At its stand, Bosch is presenting innovative solutions that make everyday life easier but at the same time respond to the demands of energy efficiency, safety and attention to the ecological aspect that is increasingly felt by the final user.

New features include the new 70 cm NoFrost fridge-freezer with VitaFresh technology and Home Connect.

The innovative VitaFresh cooling technology keeps food fresh up to three times longer and is therefore perfect for those who care about healthy eating, who are sensitive to saving resources and seek maximum flexibility in the kitchen. In the No-Frost fridge-freezer, the VitaFresh section provides two areas of air humidity: the dry VitaFresh area is ideal for storing cold cuts, cheese, meat and fish. The moist VitaFresh zone provides the perfect environment for fruit and vegetables, maintaining freshness, aroma and nutritional value for longer.

The Home Connect function ensures that the appliance is always connected, offering maximum simplicity. In addition, the integrated camera in the refrigerator allows, connecting, to know at any time what is missing making it easier to shop.

In order to save energy, Bosch fridge-freezers are equipped with extremely efficient LED light: the particular internal structure of the LED housing allows a uniform distribution of light inside the refrigerator, making full use of its intensity.

Thanks to the NoFrost technology, combined double door refrigerators create the right temperature on each shelf for the best preservation of all foods. The MultiAirflow ventilation system, in fact, distributes the air through special diffusers in an absolutely homogeneous manner, eliminating the distinction between cold areas and hot areas and avoiding the formation of frost in the freezer.