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Innovative materials for interior design

Arpa Industriale, company which performs again a leading role towards the last tendencies in the materials world, it organizes on 19th  and 20th  October in Sicam, a workshop in collaboration with Interprint with the title “Intuition, Experience, Passion“, ingredients for the innovation in the furniture industry. The workshop, by Salvatore Figliuzzi (Head of Marketing and Decor Development at Interprint), Sandro Marini (Corporate Communications Manager and Art Director Industrial Harp), Maurizio Burrato (Marketing and Decor Development at Interprint), it is devoted to trends and innovations within the interior design.
We can freely register in the workshop by sending an e-mail to
Arpa Industriale is present besides in Sicam with an important expositive project, an interactive place which sees protagonists the news of both souls of the company, HPL and FENIX NTM ®, by showing to the public the multiple applications and characteristics of his state-of-the-art materials for the interior design.
The new finishing HPL “Losa“ is a contribution to the tactility of the slate stone with a three-dimensional high-impact effect. The finishing is combined with a selection of ornaments perfectly designed which enrich the family of “Woods“ with essences with walnut, eucalyptus and an innovative reinterpretation of the cherry.  With the “Materic Expressions“ there are also a micro-collection of “plasters“ in Urban finishing and a restatement of a spatula cement in Mika finishing, texture which combines shiny and opaque elements. Among the news also a new selection of “metallized oxides“ in three tonalities and an exclusive decorative realized for the Luna finishing, proper to horizontal applications.
FENIX NTM, the innovative nano-technological material for interior design launched in 2013, it enriches the “Solid“ typology with a range of three new thicknesses (4mm, 6mm, 8mm) which complete the existing 10mm and 12mm, all available with “ cuore a tutto colore “ in 13 colors.
FENIX NTM Link is a new typology of the smart material of Harp, namely a compound formed by a support (ABS or medium density foam) and FENIX NTM. It is also an ideal solution for vertical applications for interiors (dividing walls, coverings) and specific for applications in which a light material has been required, but waterproof. The versatility of FENIX NTM Link (available in thicknesses 4.8mm, 8mm, 12mm) is also given by the possibility of edging which allows to realize projects with unpublished aesthetical characteristics.
The aim of the company is to anticipate and to plan aesthetical solutions and innovative techniques, thanks to a constant investment in research and development, that represents the 4% of the turnover.


Fenix NTM and Pilotis

An innovative material for a new kitchen concept>
Category: Technological materials for furniture
Publication date: 08/07/2014
Company: Arpa Industriale S.p.A.

Arpa Industriale

Fenix ??NTM new material for Nanotech linterior design>
Category: Technological materials for furniture
Publication date: 28/05/2014
Company: Arpa Industriale S.p.A.