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Catalogues from Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Winch - Opening mechanism for Flap Doors

MiniWinch - Opening mechanism for Flap Doors

MicroWinch - Opening mechanism for Flap Doors

Ankor Spreading Dowels

Horizontal Fittings

Vertical Fittings

Snap Fittings


Invisible Fittings

Ghost Series - Shelf Supports

Alfa Series - Shelf Supports

Normal 330 - Shelf Support

In-Side - Hinge for Flap Doors

Ankor GT - Hinge for Flap Doors

Click - Mechanical Push to Open

Evo - Opening Mechanism for Flap and Folding doors, Oblique and Vertical Openings

Pegaso - Opening mechanism for Pantograph Doors

Plano - Sliding opening mechanism for Coplanar Doors

Ankor DS - Recessed hinge for Swing Door

NanoWinch - Opening mechanism for Flap Doors

Ankor DS-30 - Heavy duty recessed hinge

Unico - Opening mechanism with integrated hinge

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Effegibrevetti's Pegasus Opening Mechanisms

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Winch - Opening mechanism for Flap Doors