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Vionaro V8 drawer system from Grass: minimalist design thanks to only 8 mm steel drawer side panel
The innovative Vionaro V8 drawer system by Grass is characterized by its minimalist design obtained thanks to the very thin steel side, reduced to just 8 mm. "Reduce to the maximum" was precisely the design principle that inspired the Vionaro V8 and the absence of the superfluous has given it a remarkable linearity. With the Vionaro V8, Grass has demonstrated that a drawer side can be reduced to 8 millimeters and produced at affordable costs.

The system won the German Design Award 2022 in the category "Excellent Product Design". The international jury of what is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, commented that "with the Vionaro V8, the impossible has been successfully made possible".


Elegant movement design

Not only the drawer side, but also the backrest and internal front, all the individual parts are only 8 millimeters thin. This makes the aesthetics of the drawer extremely elegant and harmonious and at the same time allows for optimal use of the storage space. “The less space the technology takes up, the more space is left for items to put away in the drawer,” says Harald Klüh, Global Brand Manager at Grass.


A movement system for all living spaces

With Vionaro V8, Grass offers the perfect solution for equipping kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area furniture with the same movement system. A widely tested technology guarantees perfect movement: under the Vionaro V8 drawer, the Dynapro runner system ensures excellent sliding characteristics, precise movements and high stability. Dynapro is one of the most successful concealed runner for full extensions and can be used in different versions: with integrated soft-close braking system or as a handleless Tipmatic soft-close application.


Endless design possibilities

The Vionaro V8 drawer system is extremely versatile: it is in fact available in five heights, from the 72mm height to the classic 89mm height, from the 200mm high drawer to the 250mm pull-out. These drawers are complemented by a modern frame solution that can accommodate decorative elements – such as glass – free of supports from front to back.


Philosophy in the name of sustainability

Vionaro V8 is a drawer side panel made entirely of steel, totally free of plastic elements.  All components are joined together using a cutting-edge laser welding technique. This results in maximum stability and durability and guarantees an almost 100% recycling rate. “The Vionaro V8 is the revolution in the drawer,” summarizes Harald Klüh. “For those looking for a drawer that offers zen harmony, a luxurious movement experience and a timeless design character, Vionaro V8 is a product that will be at the forefront for the next decade”.