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Vertical sliding systems for wall units Mover and Mover Flat by Salice

Salice once again responds to the needs of furniture manufacturers and designers by offering the possibility of creating foldable compartments on bookcases, office furniture, kitchen areas and wherever you want to exploit a space hidden behind a sliding panel.
The company offers Mover and Mover Flat, vertical sliding systems for wall units that allow the doors to slide vertically from top to bottom and vice versa.


Mover vertical sliding system: innovative and functional

An innovative and functional system, Salice's Mover allows you to stop the door at any point of its stroke. The vertical sliding system Mover allows the opening of the wall unit eliminating the presence of double shoulders or counterweights, thus ensuring a clean and elegant design; it also allows the vertical adjustment of the door.
Because of its ease and practicality of use, the system is used for kitchen and bathroom wall units and bar furniture in the living room.


Mover Flat vertical sliding system: a small footprint mechanism

Versatile and practical also the vertical sliding system Mover Flat characterized by minimal overall dimensions of the mechanism that allow the installation even on furniture with a reduced depth such as bookcases and office furniture.
The compactness of the system, whose opening and closing movements take place on vertical tracks, is perfectly suited to installation even in particularly small spaces, a valid alternative to the classic hinged door, in this case not very practical.
The mechanism, with adjustable load capacity, can handle doors with heights varying from 480 to 628 mm and a width varying from 900 to 2400 mm, in the larger version. The sliding is carried out on extremely silent guides that guarantee a smooth movement.

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