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Slido sliding door systems by Häfele: innovative and customizable solutions

Slido sliding door systems by Häfele offer the furniture industry and artisans a wide range of innovative and modular solutions for sliding doors in wood, glass or aluminum frame, satisfying the highest quality standards.
Slido sliding systems are also equipped with various accessories such as the electric drive or the synchronization unit and the closing mechanism and now also the cushioned opening.
Slido sliding door systems enhance the design of the furniture, guaranteeing an extremely simple installation. Thanks to the Slido mechanisms, the doors slide smoothly and quietly and it is possible to open and close effortlessly two, three and even four heavy doors up to 70 kg.
The sliding tracks are available in steel and aluminum and the guide rails are made of plastic and aluminum. It is possible to choose between roller or sliding guides, concave rollers or connected with or without height adjustment.
Slido Classic 35 VF S and 50 VF S ensures multiple design possibilities and customizable applications according to customer needs, starting from basic solutions up to the movement of elaborate designed cabinet doors.
Slido Classic 70 VF A is also suitable for particularly large and heavy doors. If the system is applied to 4-door solutions, the synchronized opening allows access to a large space inside the cabinet.


The Smuso cushioned closing system

The cabinets that have the Slido sliding door system can now be equipped with the complete Smuso cushioning system for every request, for different weights and in all directions. The Smuso shock absorbers from Häfele can be installed on furniture already in place and guarantee excellent sliding comfort.
The Smuso shock absorber system includes: Smuso CD, closing shock absorber, so that the sliding door are accompanied in closing in front or rear position; Smused OD, shock absorber in opening, the sliding door in front or rear position is damped at the end of the opening movement.
Smuso MD, shock absorber for central door, is used instead to accompany the central door of a wardrobe with 3 doors. The door can slide in both directions. Smuso ID, anti-collision absorber, inserted in a 3-door wardrobe eliminates the risk of collision between the two side doors.