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Venice and MyPillow by Olmo

Pillows memory foam for maximum comfortElm offers a wide range of pillows for a perfect rest. Venice pillow created with Casanova, the visco-elastic foam with slow return, thanks to its special characteristics of indeformabilit, offers maximum comfort and well-being. Venice is produced in the mold, to enhance the characteristics of the original material is printed avoiding any further processing and the usage of any adhesive. The visco-elastic foam Casanova, Venice whose product made with the utmost respect of man and THE ENVIRONMENT, without the use of harmful chemicals. MyPillow by Olmo combines the unique characteristics of visco-elastic foam with slow return to Casanova beneficial properties of special additives, safe and environmentally friendly, capable of improving the quality of rest. MyPillow Olmo by the natural evolution of Venice: it adapts perfectly to the shape that supports, encouraging relaxation and providing an active protection of health. MyPillow by the Health Protection contains Olmo, s exclusive additive able to remove and prevent the formation of dust mites, bacteria, mold and mildew, the principal leaders of the various types of allergies, odors and deterioration of upholstery fabrics. MyPillow by Olmo available in two forms, each with three finishes, and offers five ways to make it even more colorful, personal and unique rest.