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An innovative lighting furniture

The program Loox lights of Hfele well suited to meet the needs of the most particular market, with an adequate range of innovative LED lamps and economic. Loox The program is further enriched with new proposals for LED lamps that make the use of light in the cabinet even more eclectic and flexible. The proven Plug & Play technology allows easy integration Loox LED lighting both in the production of furniture series in handcrafted furniture. Hfele with the system offers a wide choice of modular Loox LED lamps in form and design with the 3 different types of power supplies: 12V, 24V or 350 mA. The highlight for the system to 12 volts, the LED 2020 eclectic use of a lamp, suitable for humid environments (IP 44). with a uniform light, spacious and perfectly suited for atmospheric lighting. With two types of installation (Flush or applied) and three color temperatures (3000, 4000 and 6000 K), the LED lamp 2020 finds applications in various solutions. Many novelty even for the system at 24 volts, which due to the greater power translates into a better luminous efficiency. Other highlights include the LED 3010. The lamp dimmable intended functional lighting, for example in the kitchen. You can choose a flush mounting or that applied without drilling holes or using the ring base spacer spacer. Its high and uniform brightness makes it special and innovative. The LED lights 3019 and 3020, respectively, to be applied and built-in, are been designed to illuminate work surfaces, have in fact unilluminazione particularly uniform and have unelevata brightness. Both lamps are available for modules 600 and 900 mm. The heart of the system are Loox drivers, versatile and innovative, compact design and flexible. The modular Loox has also received international certifications and therefore intended allutilizzo worldwide. Thanks to the flexibility of the modular components can design unampia range of solutions and applications simply by installing the different lamps and lighting devices. A new generation of switches (infrared sensor, retroanta switches, motion sensors and dimmers) and other components (Multi Switch Box, Multi Box Driver, distributor 6-way, 4-way extension etc..) Complete the system.

Officys table base system from Häfele

Top functionality, contemporary design and individuality
Category: Tables, Furniture frames
Publication date: 12/09/2017
Company: Häfele Italia

Häfele presents Loox

the third generation of modular LED lights
Category: Furniture lighting, For furniture lighting
Publication date: 15/09/2015
Company: Häfele Italia


The Italian design meets technology Stosa German Hfele
Category: Mechanisms for cabinets and sliding doors
Publication date: 22/04/2014

Slido, mechanisms for sliding doors by Hfele

Innovative modular system for maximum comfort
Category: Mechanisms for cabinets and sliding doors
Publication date:
Company: Häfele Italia