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The Line 22 MM of Treemme Rubinetterie wins the prestigious Iconic Awards

Another important recognition award has been assigned to Treemme Rubinetterie, company that from over 40 years has proposed collections characterized by the union of innovation of project and aesthetics care.
On the occasion of the exhibition imm of Colonia, the line 22 MM have been in fact rewarded with “The Best of The Best Iconic Awards“, today considered one of the most prestigious prizes of design in the sector of the furnishing of interiors all over the world.
Purpose of “Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation“ is connecting the world of the architecture to the furnishing world, aim that the German Design Council has been supporting from more than 60 years. Been Born by an initiative of the German Bundestag and sponsored by the German industry, the prize promotes the quality of the housing spaces through the products of design. A jury composed by experts of the sector has found in the line 22 MM of Treemme Rubinetterie all the requisites taken in examination in terms of avant-garde, innovation and design.
The line 22 MM, designed by Sirs Castagnoli, Manuel Gargano and Marco Fagioli, were born from the project of creating simple forms of easy use and with a distinctive personality. The particularity of this collection consists in a technology of miniaturization of the technical parts, 22 mm in fact is the constant diameter for all the parts of the sink, from the supplying to its commands. This diameter guarantees a great aesthetical lightness, an evident cleaning and an elevated flexibility of insertion in typologies of sinks very different among them.
For the maximum technical and ecological reliability the collection 22MM have been realized in steel inox Aisi 316L. The commands are realized in a special process for increasing the level of creating.

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Publication date: 05/01/2022
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

The Kitchen line of Treemme Rubinetterie

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