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A leading manufacturer of garbage disposals and hot water tapsInSinkErator brand most sold in the world of food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers. A long history of product innovation that began in 1927 thanks to John W. Hammes, a famous architect of Racine, who has developed a technology that would change the habits in the kitchen, easily disposing of food waste. For over 75 years, the company is built around the performance of the InSinkErator brand: innovative products, long-lasting, superior grinders and quiet performance, which ensured a trouble-free, quick and easy installation and warranty coverage called We Come To You In-Home Limited Warranty. The heatsinks have always performed an important role in the responsible management of food waste. In fact, these products allow the diversion of organic waste from landfills where otherwise create greenhouse gas methane (a potent greenhouse gas) and leachate contaminating the aquifer. The latest news reported by the food waste disposers are the PRO series, the new providers of boiling water and Contour Classic, the new filter cartridges F-2000 and F-1000 and the new filtration systems F and F-2000S-1000S . Today, InSinkErator, present in over 80 countries worldwide. Lately, the company looks to China with great interest, a country with nearly 500 million middle-income households. The company has capitalized on this opportunity by designing a new platform of sinks specifically for the Chinese diet.

The InSinkErator food heatsink celebrates 80 years of innovation

Thanks to the efficiency of the waste shredder, sustainability and technology enter the kitchen
Category: Accessories for sinks
Publication date: 22/02/2019


A touch of color in the kitchen
Category: Faucet
Publication date: 19/02/2015

AT SICAM THE NEW INSINKERATOR food waste disposers

More advanced and technologically innovative
Category: Accessories for sinks
Publication date: 12/11/2014

The new 3N1 black nozzle and the Evolution 250 garbage disposal of InSinkErator

High performances and winning design
Category: Mixers for sinks
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