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Slido Classic by Häfele

Sliding door systems with a high degree of versatility and customization

Häfele showed at Sicam 2015 two Slido Classic Vorfront fittings: Slido Classic 35 VF S e Slido Classic 50 VF S for sliding doors with a maximum weight of 35 or 50 kg.
These fittings are featured with a high degree of versatility and customization to meet the needs of both the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers; both fittings can be equipped with an E-drive mechanism for the automatic opening and internal lighting of the cabinet.
The “Häfele modular system” makes it possible to configure both fittings using different components, from the basic configuration to the maximum configuration: the running tracks of the basic version are made from aluminium and the guide tracks are made from plastic, but this latter element is also available in aluminium. The friction bearing rollers can be replaced with ball bearing rollers, and customers can opt for the quick fixing system with clips rather than screw fixing. The height of the basic version is adjusted using slots, or in a more convenient way using eccentrics. Häfele is therefore providing its customers with a wide variety of different options with which they can generate the sliding door fitting that is the best for their furniture and their production process - creating freedom of choice with regard to quality level, materials and accessories.
At Sicam Häfele also presented the new Smuso soft closing system for the 35, 50, and 70 kg weight classes. It is a new generation of compact fluid dampers. They are powerful and respond extremely quickly. With this, Häfele has succeeded in integrating various weight classes and different dampening travels of 50 and 100 mm in a single housing - a unique development on the market that continues the concept of modularity.  
In addition to scalability, Häfele's development engineers put a great deal of importance on rational production and ease of installation with both Classic models. The modular system is based on a universal drilling pattern: The drilling pattern for the running and guide tracks are identical for both door weights (35 and 50 kg).

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