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SICAM 2014

The next edition of SICAM 2014, which will take place at the Fiera di Pordenone October 14 to 17, confirmed today that it has already reached the level of exposure Edition 2013: it is still growing, therefore the manifestation of Pordenone, who never ceases to amaze for attractiveness that is capable of expressing against top players in the world of components and accessories for the furniture industry.

A signal undoubtedly also encouraging in terms of an overall assessment of the sector, which suggests a positive relation to the possibility of recovery of the sector after the profound changes he has seen in it in recent years. Mergers, takeovers, divestitures and closures: the furniture market, and with him one of the components, have experienced periods complex and somewhat tormented. The fact that an event such as towing SICAM prospects today this positive situation therefore leads to assessments that may leave room for optimism.

The panel of exhibiting companies is always looked forward to as rich and strongly oriented internationalism complete the offer: if one side is in fact only part of the compartment of the appliance to score some bending, on the other hand on the floor and the accessories components there are so many confirmations, and above all they are the biggest names to have already established their presence at the fair. “It 's the look that I consider most important - says about Carlo Giobbi, patron of SICAM - because their assessment depends strictly on efficacy parameters of the investment trade fair, and assures us that the value of our own format remains very high in terms of productivity and business contacts generated. “

Professionals in the international furniture will then offer even more extensive and qualified in terms of design and materials, projects and innovations to better orient the choices and strategies for the next marketing season: the timing to half of the month of October is revealed in this sense certainly an element of success for SICAM. “This date has been defined from the outset with great care - explains Giobbi - and looking very carefully at the time within which moves the world furniture industry: for the large players, to October is the period in they are thinking of the largest fairs in the following year, it is time for planning and strategic choices. “

But the date alone is not enough to explain the reasons for success: it is the same format of SICAM to motivate the majority of the participants to confirm their presence at the fair. Also this year, everything is going according to the rules that provide the utmost care and attention to detail to all the needs of the operators present at the fair: it will also open the entrance to the South (and will be for members with pre-registration) with access directed at Hall 1, to facilitate the most efficient use of the car parks are located close to the Exhibition Centre of Pordenone. Just in terms of logistics, SICAM has shown increasing attention to international operators with a free shuttle bus service to connect fast and rhythmic with the international airports of Venice and Treviso, which originate in the increasing number of foreign visitors.

In this regard, a new SICAM 2014 will be represented at the fair by the presence of new operators from the countries of North Africa, opposite to which one is oriented in these recent months, the promotion of the Exhibition Pordenone. “It 'was a choice in some ways innovative - still finds Carlo Giobbi - Since these countries over the recent years we have seen a steady interest in the event, and we felt the time had come now to give a further boost and intensify business relationships of our businesses to that area: it is a choice that we have seen also shared by the Ministry of Economic Development, who supported us in organizing the mission of operators in the Arab North Africa in Pordenone for next October. “ A further step, then, that will strengthen the already high rate of international SICAM, a show that manages to bring together every year in Pordenone operators in the furniture industry for more than ninety foreign countries. The data certificates for 2013 edition reported fact that foreign markets accounted for approximately 35% of admissions, a rate of internationality then that has few rivals at the national level.

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VIA CARDUCCI 12, 20100, Milano (Milano), Italia

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