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Quidyl by Cleaf

A innovative and environmentally friendly panel

Innovative design, intelligent details, aesthetics, and functionality have always been at the forefront of Cleaf’s products. These are the qualities that allowed our new item, Quidyl, to receive an accolade such as the Interzum Award for High Product Quality.
Quidyl is an authentic innovation that brings the exciting possibility of customization thanks to the diverse range of surfaces and finishes from Cleaf.
It is a panel made by 100% Italian poplar originating from plantations that have a growth cycle of about 7 years, FSC certificated. The total lack of formaldehyde in the manufacturing of the product completes the “pedigree” of this material that has been developed with new technical standards, such as the unusual lightness of about 500kg/m3, 25% less than a common panel, however same resistance and physical-mechanical properties are guaranteed. Both research and development of the panel raw material were made in collaboration with I-PAN, a wood-processing leading company which contributes to sustainability and maximum environmental protection. Quydil represents a true innovation, a value increased by the possibility of customization with Cleaf infinite surfaces and unique finishings.
The Primofiore texture embodies the tactile sensation of the skin with a silky, soft and smooth surface that engages people emotionally and aesthetically. The extensive and elegant palette of colours available is suitable for domestic and contract projects alike.
Ares is inspired by the textural and raw nature of urban brickwork and walls with industrial accents that relate to contemporary interior design and architecture trends. This finish is available in many different colours, allowing for a high degree of customization that will fit industrial applications as well as detailed “one-of-a-kind” projects.

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