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Next Design Innovation: a contest for young designers

Young designers, under 35 years old, they have the possibility to introduce their project ideas, fruit of creativeness and innovative ability, participating in the contest Next Design Innovation promoted by Regione Lombardia in collaboration with the Design Department of the Polytechnic in Milan and managed by Polifactory. Objective of the contest is the pre-incubation of young talents able to plan and to materialize innovative product-service systems, offering them the concrete opportunity to realize a complete path of ideation-development- prototyping -exhibition, “from the idea to the market.“ Next Design Innovation encourages the collaboration peer-to-peer and the union among talents, the propensity to the multidisciplinary, the real experimentation of the manufacture processes of the artifacts, the search of project solutions “unexpected“ namely not headed by breafs predetermined by the companies. Next Design Innovation works in this way: • Until 31st December 2015 it is possible to apply for the Open Call for Ideas and Talents.

• The designers, planners and innovators (Under 35), single or in group, they can apply for a project idea regarding an innovative product-service system;

• 15 proposals of project ideas among the reached ones they will be selected on the base of the criterions of evaluation inserted in the same Open Call;

• The selected individual-groups will be pre-incubated and they can materialize their own ideas inside the Polifactory, reaching to realize the final prototypes.

• The prototypes will be introduced in the Milan Design Week 2016 inside a devoted exhibition. The themes of the selected projects can concern one or more productive sectors, one or more market categories, one or more project  'challenges'. The projects have to explore the relationship between design and emergent technologies: from the systems of applied or incorporated sensors in the systems products or interfaces of control, up to the exploration of technologies for the digital manufacture combined with handicraft techniques or industrial process. Every project idea must be original and unpublished, realizable firsthand from the planner-group with the technical-scientific support of Polifactory, thought in operation of a possible productive-distributive implementation.