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New non-toxic kitchen faucets Gattoni

Creativity, elegance and harmonyThe new kitchen faucets Gattoni formal solutions are characterized by a refined and elegant minimalism; are non-toxic and can be purchased online. On the basis of narrow national and international standards the company has applied to the production of a new kitchen faucets special production process that eliminates the transfer of any heavy metals already allorigine. For this important in the production cycle the usage of certified raw materials as the new alloy completely depiombata used by Gattoni and call BLUEWAVE, conform to the strict regulations. The most popular material used in the production of taps lottone, an alloy of copper and zinc to which are added nickel and lead, which, in excessive quantities, are toxic to The body. Lottone used by Gattoni chemical composition conforming to international standards and guarantees the best performance and to meet the aesthetic taste of modern production phase in which to act with respect for the environment. Our use of the same alloy BLUEWAVE, also allows you to rely on the antibacterial properties of copper, thus ensuring the purity of drinking Dellacqua and arresting the development of bacteria and / or pathogens. This choice, though resulting in high production costs for the company, appears to be unulteriore confirmation of the corporate philosophy called Green Attitude, which is an attitude that places the center of attention values ??related to sustainability, environmental protection and responsible behavior is applied to production processes that produce the taps and distributed. Gattoni Taps in partnership with Elam was Kitchens is proud to present with these innovative mixers, Design Studio BCF.