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Aesthetic and technological innovationAt Milan Design Week Cleaf presented innovative surfaces suitable for indoor installation with effective and evocative effects information: Videre et Tangere edited by StudioCastagna and Ravelli. Planetary systems, cosmic light, solar systems are suggestions, inspirations that accompany us in a landscape, where lights and surfaces are compared in an exchange full of emotions both visual and tactile. The surfaces rotate as if they were large fragments in the cosmos, encountering hot lights and cold, sun and moon, light and shadow, day and night. Spaces dedicated to atmospheres of matter different but complementary textures of wood, stone, fabrics, resins, organic geometries and much more, are revealed nellincontro with light. Cleaf presents, through this installation, the result of an intense and stubborn work of both stylistic and technological research. Curiosity, comparison, energy and experimentation are reflected in surfaces that see their application to cross into products, projects, equipment and space dabitare developed by designers and companies from around the world. The system offers Cleaf allindustria furniture surfaces present a collection of style and trends. Cleaf a point of arrival for those who draws on the heritage of his system, but also a starting point for those exploring new solutions, both technical and aesthetic. The Contract parallel allindustria an item of furniture ever more relevant for large supplies. Cleaf provides architects, designers and managers of the contract its technical department, the showroom, the catalog of materials, the information system, the research center for prototyping of new materials, the production cycle, the office costs.

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Publication date: 20/04/2017
Company: Cleaf S.p.a.

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