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K-Link technology by Faber: the kitchen becomes smart
Faber, the air specialist of Franke Home Solutions, presents the innovative K-Link Technology, a "smart" solution that simplifies life in the kitchen, making it smarter.  The company, which has made “smart living” its goal, remember the effective payoff “hands free in the kitchen”, interprets the kitchen as the place where you can freely express yourself in the kitchen, without constraints or distractions.


An intelligent connection

The K-Link technology allows an intelligent connection between the induction hob and the extractor hood through an integrated radio wave system. Thanks to a simple gesture, hob and hood are connected and interacting, allowing a continuous flow in the preparation of recipes without having to stop each time to set the power of the hood according to that of the hob.

The system, always active because the radio signal is never interrupted, even in the presence of dirt residues on the hob, guarantees perfect functionality of the hood, avoiding both the waste of energy and reducing the excess noise that could be generated by setting the suction to a level too high compared to the fumes produced.


Faber offers several hood models equipped with this technology, which becomes particularly functional when the extraction reaches the ceiling, so creating a connection with the hob becomes even more important. This is the case of the Heaven 2.0, Heaven Glass 2.0 Flat, Heaven Light Pro and Heaven Air hoods, four ceiling models with integrated K-Link technology.

With a stainless steel finish and electronic controls with 4 LEDs, Heaven 2.0 is a perfect solution to integrate smart technology in your kitchen: the 24h function also allows you to leave the hood on 24 hours a day to carry out a continuous air exchange with an inaudible noise level.

Technology and design meet in the Heaven Glass 2.0 Flat hood, available in the refined white glass finish and with 2 LEDs on the sides of the hood, which integrates completely and becomes a valid piece of furniture for any environment. Also in this case, the hood has the 24h function and belongs to the energy class A +, with highly efficient consumption.

Same characteristics for the Heaven Light Pro model: energy class A + product with 24h function, available in white glass and stainless steel, with 2 illuminating LEDs and a design particularly suitable for the most modern kitchens. Finally, Heaven Air, the exclusive stainless steel ceiling hood model which, together with K-Link technology, also integrates a real-time air quality sensor connected to Faber Cloud via an app.


In the photo, the Faber Heaven Light Pro ceiling hood with integrated K-Link technology.