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Interzum 2017  catalyse the interest of designers and architects

Interzum is the reference event of the greatest sector in the world that will contain in Colony, in May from 16th to 19th, the innovations of over 1.500 exhibitors coming from more than 60 Countries. Over 65% of visitors and exhibitors come from foreign countries. They  allow Interzum to be the most international sector fair.
The new division of halls guarantees more spaces, while a more compact disposition abbreviates the way . The subdivision in the segments “Materials & Natures“ (halls 4.2, 6 and 10.2), “Function & Components“ (halls 4, 5, 7 and 8) and “Textile & Machinery“ (halls 9 10.1 and 11.1/11.2) facilitates the visitors and it is easier to find the proposals according to interests.
Interzum provides a full picture of the new technologies and design. The international exhibitors in fact will present in fair a charming mix of new technologies, materials and surfaces in an extraordinary variety; they are important partners for developing new products and trends of design thanks to the innovative strength and the subcontracting turned to the whole furnishing sector.
This variety of the offer don't characterises only the materials and the modern methods of production introduced in fair, but also the trends and the visions for the future furnishing environments.
Also this year the Piazza “innovation of interior“, prepared at the hall 4.2, will be source of ideas and point of meeting for architects, designers and planners. For interzum 2017 have been selected a theme that, according to experts opinion, it will be the driving force for the innovation in the next decades:
“Upcycling and sustainable materials cycles“, namely the transformation of residual materials in new products.
One of the greatest challenges that are born with the thick growth of the world population is how we can manage the available resources. Since their availability is limited, it is necessary a reconsideration. Reducing the demand of consumers could be a solution, but the most realistic answer is a change in the industrial production of closed loop materials. Producers and planners are working on  upcycling innovative processes, able to reduce notably the use of resources and energy at all levels. Ideally, at the end of life cycle, it should not be produced refuses, but o the contrary materials of high quality that can be recycled for a new life cycle. Recycling becomes upcycling, the refuses become recycling materials with their specific qualities for the innovative planning of product.
Among the other themes of great interest developed at interzum we  find for example the maintenance of resources, the sustainability and the increasing digitisation of home environments. Thanks to its innovative power interzum catalyses the interest of the creative professions.

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