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Insinkerator 4N1 Touch regulator: technology, design, health and sustainability

Last 26th of June the “Aperitivo Detox“ event took place in Milan, at the Poggenpohl showroom, during which InSinkErator®, the American multinational famous for inventing the food heatsink, premiered for the Italian market the new dispenser of the latest generation 4N1 Touch.

The mixer, which is part of the exclusive Showroom Collection, perfectly combines design, technology, health and sustainability.

Compared to the previous model, 4N1Touch is in fact able to instantly offer cold and boiling water at a temperature close to that of boiling and now also filtered, allowing a great saving of both time and resources.

The 4N1 Touch dispenser emits a flow of cold filtered water for 30 seconds by simply pressing a button located at the bottom. If the consumer wants to block the flow before 30 seconds, simply tap the button again. The same operation is provided for boiling water that is also equipped with a safety lever that immediately blocks the delivery when released. 4N1 Touch is an eco-sustainable product not only because it avoids waste of resources, but implies less use of plastic bottles, a serious problem for environmental pollution.

It is mounted with a 2.5 litre water tank that takes up very little space. The innovative Tank has an adjustable digital thermostat, which allows the user to set the water temperature between 88 and 98 ° C.

The new 4N1 Touch range is available in three lines: the minimalist L Shape, elegant and linear, the younger J Shape line and the U Shape geometric line. Three versions to meet different needs and respond effectively to various styles of kitchen decor. All three lines are available in traditional brushed steel or painted chrome finishes.

Ashley Munden, Europe and Russia Managing Director of InSinkErator® said: “More and more consumers are drinking filtered water from the classic filter jugs that end up cluttering the kitchen counter. The new InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch gives the possibility to easily switch from boiling water, to hot or cold water, all within the same equipment making it easier to carry out household chores.“

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